Deluxe Broker Pre-License


72-hour Broker Pre-license Course

Plus complete State Exam Prep course with 4 online practice exams with a total of 400 questions!

  • Log in and out at your own pace.
  • Approved by the Florida Real Estate Commission #0004494
  • Live chapter classroom lectures via video
  • Published textbook by David Collins
  • An “Ask the Professor” (David Collins) link 24/7
  • Student open forum to interact with other students

The Broker Pre-License Course is a 72-Hour Course with timed, internet-based end-of-course exam. Complete your Florida real estate education requirement through distance education and your computer. This course reviews all topics and concepts tested on the Florida state exam for Brokers. This course is offered in a Hybrid format which includes a LIVE WORKSHOP REVIEW VIA VIDEOS. In addition we will provide a live webinar on a regular basis to review the course material.

The “Florida Real Estate Broker” (matching printed textbook to the online course) is included with this course plus state exam review material in PDF format is also included. “Florida Real Estate Broker” will also be available to you in PDF format.

The State Exam Prep Course is designed to prepare sales associate and broker applicants to successfully take and pass the state examination for licensure. It contains Areas of Critical Concern, test questions with answers and a corresponding outline booklet vis PDF file.

If you have any questions about our online course, before or after enrollment, please feel free to give us a call before ordering at 800.200.1030 Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. EST to 3:00 p.m. EST, or send an email here.


  • Once the registration is complete, the download to the course and all materials is considered complete and there are no refunds.
  • The course must be completed within one year after registration.
  • No additional textbook or materials are required to complete the course. Students are welcome to purchase optional study materials at our online bookstore.
  • The Final Exam is timed for 3 hours. A score of 70% is required to pass the exam and to pass the course.
  • If the student fails the final exam, the student must wait at least 30 days (but before the 1-year password expires) before the student will be allowed to take another final exam. The student will still able to access the course materials for studying if the first test is failed. If the student fails the second final exam, the entire course must be repeated and the student must pay the full tuition fee again.
  • The course is entirely web-based and is not downloadable. The student is encouraged to take his or her time with each section at his or her own pace, provided the course is completed within one year of registration. All quizzes and tests are submitted and graded electronically and are not downloadable.
  • Upon passing the final exam, the student will be provided with a certificate of course completion (also known as a Course Report) which the student can print at home. The student must bring his or her course report to the state exam.
  • In order to take the state exam, the student must complete the online course and have his or her application approved by the Florida Division of Real Estate. Students are encouraged to submit their applications as soon as possible and not wait until the online course is completed.


  • Chapter 1 — Becoming a Real Estate Broker — 3.0 hours
  • Chapter 2 — Starting a Real Estate Office — 3.0 hours
  • Chapter 3 — Owning and Operating a Real Estate Office — 3.0 hours
  • Chapter 4 — Managing Escrow Accounts — 3.5 hours
  • Chapter 5 — Office Inspections, Discipline Process, and the Real Estate Recovery Fund — 3.0 hours
  • Chapter 6 — Real Property Valuation — 4.0 hours
  • Chapter 7 — Real Property Appraisal Methods — 3.5 hours
  • Chapter 8 — Comparative Market Analysis — 3.5 hours
  • Chapter 9 — Valuing Businesses — 3.0 hours
  • Chapter 10 — Agency — 3.5 hours
  • Chapter 11 — Contracts — 3.0 hours
  • Chapter 12 — Real Estate Finance — 4.0 hours
  • Chapter 13 — Real Estate Closings (including closing statements) — 7.0 hours
  • Chapter 14 — Real Estate and Federal Taxation — 3.5 hours
  • Chapter 15 — Real Estate Investment — 3.5 hours
  • Chapter 16 — Planning, Zoning, and Subdividing — 3.0 hours
  • Chapter 17 — Environmental Issues Affecting Real Estate — 3.0 hours
  • Chapter 18 — Property Management — 3.5 hours
  • Chapter 19 — Real Estate Math — 3.0 hours
  • FINAL EXAM — 3.0 hours


  • Chapter 1 — Initial Requirements of a license
  • Chapter 2 — Additional Education Requirements
  • Chapter 3 — License Status
  • Chapter 4 — License Requirements
  • Chapter 5 — Agency
  • Chapter 6 — Brokerage Operations
  • Chapter 7 — Compensation and Listings
  • Chapter 8 — Rental Lists
  • Chapter 9 — Business Entities
  • Chapter 10 — Disciplinary Process
  • Chapter 11 — Recovery Fund
  • Chapter 12 — Property Rights
  • Chapter 13 — Acquiring Title
  • Chapter 14 — Title Limitations
  • Chapter 15 — Property Taxes
  • Chapter 16 — Federal Reserve
  • Chapter 17 — Contracts
  • Chapter 18 — Planning and Zoning
  • Chapter 19 — Civil Rights and Fair Housing
  • Chapter 20 — Federal Lending Regulations
  • Chapter 21 — Landlord/Tenant Laws
  • Chapter 22 — Real Estate Finance
  • Chapter 23 — Appraising
  • Chapter 24 — Broker Specific Study Stuff
  • Chapter 25 — Real Estate Math
  • Four 100 question practice exams

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