About David Collins

Real Estate CareerQuest is pleased to offer the finest real estate educational course available in Florida. The pre-license courses are HYBRID COURSES which include Online and classroom presentation. All courses have been approved by the Division of Real Estate and allow our students to complete their education requirement through the convenience of the Internet. Classroom attendance is recommended but not required.

David Collins is considered one of the most dynamic and knowledgeable speakers on the subject of real estate in Florida. David has been a real estate broker and real estate instructor since 1980. In 1997, Florida Governor Lawton Chiles appointed Mr. Collins to the Florida Real Estate Commission Education and Research Foundation for which he served four years and was chairman in his final year of service. He has taught well over 20,000 students in his career.

In addition, David has practiced real estate since 1978 and brings hands-on experience that others can only imagine. He has worked in residential and commercial-investment sales as well as participated in the development of subdivisions, shopping centers, and medical communities. David has the experience necessary to impart the vast amounts of real estate knowledge to others.

What just a few students say about David

“You prepared us so well we have our own company.”

– Maurice and Kathy Gilbert

“As a recent graduate of your FREC I real estate salesperson course, I wanted to thank you for your superb instruction of the class. The enthusiasm with which you taught the class was a breath of fresh air and truly motivated me to do my very best! Thank you for a job well done!”

– Tina Sorrentino

“It is not enough to say that I found the course informative, challenging, and more than sufficient to serve its purpose. What I want to tell you is that in all of my years of course-taking, I have never had an instructor anywhere that could touch Mr. Collins. Not only does Mr. Collins have the amazing grasp of the subject matter, he is also blessed with the rare and gifted talent of ‘presentation.” . . . “While many instructors have a world of subject knowledge, few have the ability to impart that knowledge to other.”

“His unique delivery is so alive and focused that the students are drawn into a state of rapt attention for hours on end. They appear to hang on to each and every word. It’s as if they see something that they know they have never seen before and may never see again. It’s as if they want to burn this man’s image into their brain forever.”

“Why? Perhaps it’s because they are drawn into an old world of forgotten dreams-into a new word of inspiration with the thought that perhaps they really could be that person they always wanted so much to be.”

– Julie Melson

“I want to thank you for the motivating and captivating methods you used to educate this old student. I was able to start a new career in real estate in less than 30 days. Thank you David, I could not have done it without you.”

– Mark A. Hoeft

“You certainly have a special gift when it comes to teaching. The quality of your class far exceeds just the teaching of real estate. I guess there is something to be said for happiness. It shows that you enjoy what you do.”

– Becky Garea

“I want to thank you for the superb instruction you provided us during both the salesman and prep courses. You really know your stuff! I couldn’t have asked for a more knowledgeable, articulate, and capable instructor.”

– Lt. Col. James A. Deason

“Thanks David, this license is the beginning of my ‘liberation in Florida’. Couldn’t have done it if you had not been one hell of an instructor!”

– Terri Stevens

“I just wanted to take a minute and say thanks for the great real estate salesperson and exam preparatory course that I recently had the pleasure to attend. Your presentation of the course and exam prep material displayed a thorough knowledge of the myriad elements in the real estate profession.”

– Gary M. Sims

“You have a very creative and effective teaching manner, and I am confident that because of your expertise, I will have a strong chance of joining the ranks of your profession.”

– James S. Olin

“Your thorough knowledge of the subject, enthusiasm and genuine concern for the student, make a course with you a great investment in ones future.”

– Jimmy Sharp

“Mr. Collins surely must be your very best instructor! He qualified in my book. He’s a knowledgeable leader, he’s personable and witty, he knows how to convey the material and raise ones level of interest and confidence, and he is very professional.”

– Joanne Faddis

“Because of you it was ‘a piece of cake’! Don’t ever change. . .you are truly one in a million!”

– Ella Hess

“Many times, professionals in a given field cannot ‘talk the walk’. Your certainly know what it takes in real estate to be successful from the technical information side, and your excitement and love for the practical side of the business is evident through your enthusiastic teaching style.”

– John Griffing

“I have spent a major portion of my post-college career as a teacher and manager in the training of thousands of successful sales student and customers in the computer industry. Thus, I believe I am able to recognize and make valid comments about one’s knowledge, organization, command of material, ability to sense those who require assistance to keep up, enthusiasm for the subject matter, adherence to schedule and the other qualities that identify a successful instructor. I have no reservation about saying that you have amply demonstrated those qualities …”

– Ken Whittle

“…I cannot think of a more qualified or dedicated person as an instructor. In addition to his proven teaching ability, he possesses a great understanding of people. He focuses on aiding the education of individuals by being truly concerned that each person comprehends the concept at hand.”

– Carmela Bell

“Just a short note to say thanks. Teaching is an art—I know, my wife is one—and you have it perfected.

– Bob Francis

“Thank you for your professionalism, the superior instructional materials, and the excellent manner of presentation.”

– Judith Fureigh